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  • Green can whole body heat core
  • Some other products
  • Baosteel no flower board,Equipped with aluminium zinc plate,High-performance specialty paper
  • Common plate,In the thermal efficiency is low
Contrast material
  • Environmental protection glue without peculiar smell  Environmental protection glue without peculiar smell
  •  Ordinary glue,Pungent taste Ordinary glue,Pungent taste
Contrast material
  • Bag using thickening nylon belt,More firmly  Bag using thickening nylon belt,More firmly
  • Ordinary plastic,Fragile and vulnerable to breakageOrdinary plastic,Fragile and vulnerable to breakage
Details of the contrast

Counseling online customer service

The service hotline:0523-84563669

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 Jingjiang green air-conditioning equipment co., LTD,The main new trend,All hot core,Exchange movement,Fresh air ventilation unit, etc。Is located in the middle and lower reaches of the changjiang north pearl--Jingjiang,The company adopts advanced technology at home and abroad,Independent research and development4Big series of products:All hot(Sensible heat)The exchange of core body,All hot wheel(Sensible heat)A switch,Window type air ventilation unit,All hot(Sensible heat)Fresh air ventilation unit...

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Static type total heat core body and its function

Static type total heat core body and its function

Along with our country economy growth and the continuous improvement of people's material and cultural life level,People also more and more high to the requirement of indoor air quality,Are eager to have a healthy、A comfortable indoor environment,In particular, has experiencedSARSThe attack,People are becoming more and more attention to indoor air quality,Puts forward higher requirements on introducing outdoor air take a breath,But for air brings energy loss,Therefore need to be considered an effective method of energy saving。

New wind person who can solve the four problems in life

New wind person who can solve the four problems in life

To solve the cold、Thermal comfort:In led indoor air circulation,At the same time, can form a constant humidity indoors space,Is beneficial to health of body and mind;

Common problems

Buy fresh air system(Show)Heat exchanger of the myth

1、Don't focus on motor quality:Focus on motor quality is a must,The motor quality,Life may differs a few times,Life can reach good motor15、20Years or longer;The life of the poor quality of may only1~3Year it broke,And the longer running time,The noise increased substantially。

When fan maintenance matters which should be paid attention to ?

Fan fan equipment maintenance personnel must pay attention to below normal circumstance to work completely,In order to avoid caused by improper maintenance of man-made fault occurs,Prevention and electric motors to all aspects of the natural faults and accidents,So as to give full play to the performance of the equipment,Extend the service life of equipment,Must strengthen the maintenance of the fan。

Construction installation of new wind person who pay attention to the point

Our fresh air in to choose an appropriate person,Also pay special attention to the construction of the installation problem is new trend person and so on,Said to the green air-conditioning equipment factory is the key to introduce to everybody from three aspects

  • All hot coreAll hot core
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